Port of Los Angeles Air Monitoring System Upgrades (as of December 22, 2022)

The Port of Los Angeles is in the process of upgrading its four air monitoring stations with new instrumentation and equipment. The procurement process was completed in September 2022. The instrumentation and equipment will be installed as they are delivered, with all installation completed by the end of March 2023. At this time, all four air monitoring stations have been upgraded with black carbon aethalometers, PM10 and PM2.5 continuous analyzers, O3 analyzers, and meteorological instruments. The expected timeline for the installation of the remaining equipment is as follows (See table view below). All four monitoring stations will have upgraded ultrafine particle counters, CO and SO­2 analyzers, and calibrations systems by the end of January 2023 and NO­2 analyzers by the end of March 2023. All hardware required to upgrade the data collection, logging, and communication systems have been installed at all four stations. Any changes to the expected timeline will be reflected on this website.

In the meantime, the Wilmington Community station continues to be fully operational with existing equipment. The San Pedro Community Station continues to be fully operational, less the SO2 analyzer which is currently offline for repairs. The Coastal Boundary and Source-Dominated stations are partially operational, with real-time particulate matter, black carbon, and ozone measured at these stations. Measurement of meteorological parameters are being collected at all four stations with the installation of the new PM continuous analyzers and meteorological instruments. Data for the parameters currently measured at the four stations continue to be uploaded to this monitoring website.


Table 1. Status of Installation of New Equipment

Monitoring Station

Wilmington Community StationCoastal Boundary StationSan Pedro Community StationSource-Dominated Station
Filter-based PM2.5 Monitor InstalledInstalledInstalledInstalled
Real-time PM2.5 MonitorInstalledInstalledInstalledInstalled
Real-time PM10 MonitorInstalledInstalledInstalledInstalled
Ultrafine Particle CounterInstalledBy end of January 2023InstalledInstalled
Aethalometer (Black Carbon)InstalledInstalledInstalledInstalled
CO AnalyzerBy end of January 2023By end of January 2023By end of January 2023By end of January 2023
NOAnalyzerBy end of March 2023By end of March 2023By end of March 2023By end of March 2023
SOAnalyzerBy end of January 2023By end of January 2023By end of January 2023By end of January 2023